Medias Negative Effect on Politics Essay

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Political Science 201
June 7, 2012
Media’s Negative Effect in Politics The media plays a heavy negative role in American politics. During the past few years, society’s judgment has been based on what was given to it through the media. People rarely specifically research on candidates or propositions anymore. Much of the mass media is biased by trying to persuade viewers into believing what they want them to believe are true. Media is created for consumption by a large number of people watching it. The media has a remarkable impact on politics, which is not always good or beneficial. The data collected from the media can either be used for or against a politician. If a politician is favored by a certain network, such as CNN, NBC, or
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Finally, the type of media that has the biggest political influence is the television and their advertisements. Television allows the candidates and the political parties to reach audiences quickly with their messages that could not be reached as quickly with other forms of media. The problem is that many networks are biased and will portray a candidate in the light that they want society to see them. Their motive is to persuade people as a whole by having highly funded commercials and providing reasons why we should pick one opponent over the other.
People might be wondering why isn’t there anything being done about what the media is exploiting the public to, but there actually isn’t much the legal system can do. The media is brainwashing and distorting views of many citizens but they are not violating any laws. Like the citizens of America, the views and speech of the media are covered by The First Amendment: the freedom of speech and the freedom of press. With The First Amendment in its place, the media is free to post what they please and do so unless slander occurs. The media has promoted freedom of expression and freedom of information, but it has mixed effects on the freedom of the press. If it were not for the First Amendment, many people and the mass media’s opinions would not be heard.
New media has high dependence on advertising revenue. Many of the air time or talk shows about a certain candidate are funded by campaign money; their revenue comes

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