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Media Bibliography

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Analysis of genre in horror films looking at 3 films

In this essay, I will be doing research on horror
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Thirdly is revisionist phase where the iconography is similar, begin to question the values where were in the original genre and think whether or not it ties in with this s genre. Finally there is Parodic phase, where they are mocking something by taking the original genre and seeing the silliness which has gone into it mocking the whole concept of that genre. In the media, there are five categories that come under genre is: iconography, characters, narrative events, setting and technical & audio codes. In any genre there is always stock characters. In the horror genre the stock characters that appear in films often tend to be re-occurring ones that result in their behaviour and narratives they are involved in. However, certain genres may use stereotypes to make the info come out more clearly. The characters used in horror genre tend to have character which are called the protagonist, the sex appeal, the irritating guy, the token black guy, the one who get high comeuppance often being the sidekick of the antagonist, unlikely hero and the antagonist who is the bad guy of the film but never dies leaving there to be a sequel. These are common characters you see over and over again. Iconography is the objects, costumes and backgrounds, which is associated with a particular genre. For example in all horror, films there are always knives.

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