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For my Media AS Coursework I decided to choose brief one from the options we were given. I then further decided to choose task one and two following this. I decided to create a 3-minute film opening and a 3 page A4 information booklet about the opening sequence. I decided to choose these because I felt that they would enable me to create my best work. I wanted to base my film around a target audience of young teen around 12+ as I knew that the basis of the film I was going for was a bit harder to understand for younger generations.
Before I decided to create anything I first carried out some research. Firstly, I watched other sporting films such as ‘Forever Stronger’ and ‘Goal II’ as I knew that my film would be based around sport. I also
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I used relatively sporty people in my film again to follow the codes and conventions of a sports film. I also used a male character because of its relation to the male hegemonic representation theory. This allowed me to reach the greatest amount of target audience, as stereotypically in this theory the male is more responsive and the audience feel a greater bond with due to the fact with him being more dominant. I dressed my actors in relatively sporty clothes as it makes sense, having a sport based film with the actor in normal clothes doesn’t make sense.
I was disappointed with how the filming went as I was expecting to use a drone for some bird’s eye view shots but unfortunately things didn’t work out however I was still pleased with the finished product. I felt that the filming quality and the editing was at a very high standard. I felt that the way I portrayed the actor’s depression was in a unique way, after talking to Jimmy in my research he mentioned a lot of the time you feel on your own and I tried recreate that feeling by using only two actors and completely focusing on the surroundings and the main actor only. I do however feel that the story line was kind of lost as it doesn’t really tell a story but only sets the scene.

I decided to use no audio except the song, ‘high hopes’ again I was trying to create the feeling of loneliness. The song was my entire 20% on unoriginal media.
Due to the location being at an actual stadium

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