Media 's Views Of Gender And Gender Roles Essay

796 Words Oct 14th, 2015 4 Pages
Media has shaped and influenced society’s views of gender and gender roles. Humans today, instead of using media to expand positive images to others, they use media to share with the world how men and women should look and be. Due to advertisements, society has a standard for appearances for both male and female. Human emotions are also fixed for each gender, causing people to behave a specific way. Society has set a stereotype in which people today view as normal and good. The way media represents genders may distort how one sees themselves and what they perceive as normal and desirable for men and women, especially since media infuses into one’s everyday life. Sexuality is even used to better sell products. Gender and gender roles are shaped and influenced by media’s presentation of appearance and sexuality, commercials, and emotions. Specific appearances become national symbols and standards because the media portrays them as attractive, desirable, and “good”. In social media, people are presented with ideas of what they should look like. It is only socially acceptable for men to appear tall, fit, young, and light-skinned. Women are to appear thin, long-legged, slim-hipped, and large-breasted. When people do not meet these required standards they are viewed at as unappealing. Due to the high standards of today, people result to having “self-improvements” made. Nearly everyone at one point tries to alter their physical appearance; media forces people to believe that not…

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