Essay on Media 's Negative Effect On Teens

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Media 's negative affect on teens

The average teen in the US are suffering from some sort of emotional suffering caused by the media. Some people think the media affect the teens by making positive images and videos and even magazines. Media shows teaches them positive life lessons like how to deal with everyday problems , or show what 's the new trend to stay up to date, positive views on love and sexuality, even positive ways to deal with bullying and keep it nonviolent. We couldn 't have men more wrong,what the media is actually doing is feeding teens from all over massive amounts of negativity. The media has a negative effect on teen self image which discourages and lowers their self esteem leading many young viewers to believe that it is a positive thing to be something that they are not; many teens have plenty of things that they dislike about themselves, and it is rare that they find something positive to say about each other ( No one is perfect we are all different in our own way, media spread so much negativity it 's hard for me to see when it had ever been positive.

We all use media in some form throughout or normal daily routine in today 's society.
Most people see the negative things in today 's media but choose to ignore that it 's right there in thier face because we see it so much all over and we get use to it like its normal. Today 's male teens loves to watch negative situations and female teens like feel bad…

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