Media 's Influence On Women Essay

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Advertisements, in various forms of media, have a constant presence in American culture. When in relation to selling makeup or fashion, there is a fragment in opinion about the use of photo manipulation and the depiction of current beauty ideals for women represented in ads and the modeling industry, as they uphold one body type. Much research has been done on the psychological and behavioral effects of these images on individuals in various cultures. Advertisements and the media have such a powerful effect that they train our unconscious mind; in the process, these repetitive messages form society’s view of women, our own view of ourselves and others, and generally demean those who digress from the standard.
When media is viewed as a form of socialization, a process where people come to understand and accept societal norms, beliefs, and values, women who view these thin-ideal based messages on a regular basis can develop the attitude that thinness is socially desirable. In a study of the effects of social media use and body image, Lee and her colleagues state that “given the ubiquity of media messages and the nearly unavoidable consumption of media, it is not surprising that scholars have claimed that current standards of beauty are communicated to women primarily through popular media (Lee 1345).” There are many ads for women that emphasize looks, ads like “if your hair isn’t beautiful the rest hardly matters” or “my boyfriend told me he loved me for my mind. I was never…

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