Essay on Media 's Influence On The Media

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A next question that came to mind was if the media portrays the police any certain type of the way. I wanted to look this up because nowadays everyone’s opinions are more or less shaped by the media and I would not be shocked to see that it also shaped our perspective on police. Most times reporters and the media tries to stay as unbiased as possible, by in recent events that mindset has changed. With the riots in Ferguson, reporters took a more activist approach and did not try to stay unbiased (Rothman 1). During this incident, rumors spread faster than facts because of the help of the media, which caused uproar (Rothman 2). News outlets made two narratives, one with the shop owners having their businesses lost to rioters, and the protesters on the street. The public latched onto the second side, which made watchers have a more violent reaction (Rothman 6). On top of this, some journalists became detained to further their message. One reporter says "I was shocked it was happening. I just, frankly, couldn 't believe it…In a certain way, it 's like I 'm in a privileged position as both a reporter and, frankly, as a white male." Choking back tears, he added, "It 's really just such a dehumanizing process, to be eliminated from all forms of communication” (Rothman 6). When reporters start to act like this they become biased. One upside to the media coverage is how much they are showing. Before, many things were left to the imagination, and with the rise of technology we are…

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