Media 's Impact On The Military Sector Essay

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Media nowadays has evolved tremendously since the first time the term ‘media’ introduced. Its major role in channeling information has turned better as the time pass. Previously, there were only written materials, then images, then audios, then videos, and nowadays it keeps progressing. Eventually, the use of media is becoming inevitable for every sector available, and one of the sectors that relies significantly on media is the Military sector. Media plays a very crucial role for most Military activities, especially when it comes to war. The wars in the 20th century depicts the increasing role of media in determining the outcome of the war, for instance, the Vietnam War surprises the whole world when America lost the war as the media was a neutral entity which persistently backfired them and became one of the major reasons behind the loss of America (Carruthers 2011: 97). Any party – can be state actors or the non-state armed actors – in war is in need for media for lots of reasons mostly the propagating purposes such as providing moral support, establishing actors’ reputation, regulating the political environment and much more (Siboni et al 2014: 130). However, the pattern in using the media in war or known as media strategy is mostly different between the state actor and the non-state armed actor due to its asymmetrical capabilities (Arreguín-Toft 2001: 95). In 2011, a non-state armed actor known as ISIS has emerged in one part of Iraq which caused lots of fear amongst…

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