Media 's Impact On Society Essay

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For decades, media has had a great impact on shaping our society and continuously changing our lives as new advancements are made each year. It has given us a shortcut for multiple tasks, making our everyday life easier. The invention of the television caused a shift in the U.S due to the new way information was displayed and has helped us become aware of the world around us. Although there may be mixed opinions on the media 's influence, it has had an immeasurable impact on past events for various reasons. Media has served as a positive influence on in our country’s history in which it informed people about certain news and it was used to promote certain movements or other events.
Throughout the U.S history, media has been the source in which the public receives information and becomes more aware of events in the country. Before media, the people of America were unaware of what happened overseas and only knew what was happening in their own country vaguely. They only knew what the government told them and often, what the government said was a lie or sugarcoated. Essentially, the people never had full insight of many events. This changed with the presence of media. During the Civil Rights movement, many of the protests were televised for the whole country to see. This is positive because television gave the citizens a visual of what was occurring in their country. It revealed many disturbing things as well, such as the violence throughout cities such as Birmingham, Alabama.…

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