Media 's Effect On The Vietnam War Essay

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Typically known for its intensiveness and numerous deaths, the Vietnam War was a time of manic in the 1950s to 1970s in both Vietnam and America. Technological advances were very prevalent in this time period with cameras and film, making reporting a major aspect in the war for the first time. Therefore, journalism, film, and other forms of media played a largely influential role in the attitudes and effects of the Vietnam War. To begin the war, the media’s effect was established. Attitudes generally leaned toward a more positive approach (“Media and the War”). More of a support system for the troops existed, with an encouragement for their return from a quick war. Americans also enjoyed the fact that they were now informed about the events of the war. Due to the updates from field reporters and news networks, the public felt as if they could really understand what was going on overseas. However, as the war progressed a bit further, criticism arose. With newfound exposure to what was going on, the people at home also disapproved of tactics used by commanders, especially since US troops could not attack or ambush the enemy for the first time (“Media and the War”). Outcry from the public was mainly caused by the media and what the public was seeing from these reporters, so it was thought that media restrictions may possibly be a solution this problem; however, these limitations of the media were thought to bring even more disapproval and “might be viewed by those inclined…

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