Essay about Media 's Effect On Our Behavior

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No matter what, media is consistently present all the time. It is a part of our daily lives no matter where we turn. On social media, at the dining hall, lying in bed – media has found a home and it has no plans on leaving. We are always consuming media, whether we are trying to or not. When we do consume media, either intentionally or unintentionally, most of the time it can leave an impact. But the level of impact can reach as far as impacting our behaviors, allowing the media to dictate individual’s thoughts towards a specific topic. I do believe media has an effect on our behaviors. Television is one major resource for media. Difference types of TV shows, movies throughout the day, non-stop commercials – all of these types of media comes out of a television screen. One theory that supports the fact media has an effect on our behaviors is the Cultivation Theory. Founded by George Gerbner around the 1970s, the theory deals with television effects and argues that television has long-term effects which are gradual but significant. One example that we discussed in class that suits well with this theory is the “Mean World Syndrome” which is the self-belief that the world is a cruel place, and we create that belief through our television consumption. One major behavioral affect television provides is violence. I believe the Cultivation Theory is one of the major reasons why people can be violent. For example, if someone is a die-heart fan of Game of Thrones, that means they…

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