Media 's Body Image Issues Essay

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Media is all around us, it 's in our house, school, and social life. My generation has been raised on it. There is not a day we don 't see it. We are informed about it through newspaper, Facebook, Television, online, and in video games. Is it good for us to be constantly bombarded with it? It causes body image issues for men, which results in them constantly thinking they are small and pushes them towards steroid use. It causes body image issues for women, which results in anorexia and eating disorders. Media causes us to be violent and it changes the way we live.
Men have body issues, we don 't like to admit but we do. I know I do. I see people in magazines and on TV that are big and ripped. I also will never be satisfied with how I look. I go to the gym five days a week, every week. Is the media effecting us? We see commercials that say, if you take this you will become ripped and shredded. The sad thing is that these people might have used that product but they are using a performance enhancer too. Take the action figure GI Joe. When the action figure first came out his arms were 12 inches and his body looked like a normal man. Ten year later a new GI Joe was made that had a six pack, chest, and 14 inch arms. Then another ten years later; the GI Joe now is ripped, has a full six pack of abs, chiseled chest, serratics muscle showing, and has 16 inch arms. (Pope 2008, 1:15.47). Just years later; they made a GI Joe that looks like the hulk, big arms, big chest, and six pack…

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