Media Violence And Its Effects On Society Essay

1732 Words Mar 25th, 2016 7 Pages
Media Violence, to some they are just simple words, but to me they scream out the destruction of young minds. As the years go by media violence is seen as less of a problem, but that only proves how much of a hold it has on society. The media’s portrayal of violence has resulted in many individuals becoming addicted to violent creations causing them to believe violence is a key factor in our society. Humanity is gradually accepting violence, due to mass Media’s numbing viewers, who are harmfully affected by the negative images. In several situations the media can be hold accountable for praising violent behavior. In that since, media seems to be encouraging violence instead of supporting peace. (Beresin, 1) As a result, everyday children are indirectly exposed to violence by television, radio, and the news. Today’s technology gives direct coverage of gun battles, sniper attacks, and other physical violence, and places it into the homes of children and adolescences. Hoping to prevent children from this very problem the broadcasting industry created a ratings system intended to accompany all television programming. This ratings system is known as "TV Parental Guidelines." A monitoring board exists to ensure that ratings guidelines are applied accurately and consistently across the television. Sadly this leads to the ' 'forbidden fruit syndrome, ' ' Dr. Cantor said that both the association 's age-based ratings (like PG-13 or R) and labels that said ' 'parental discretion…

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