Media Violence And Childhood Aggression Essay

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Media violence and childhood aggression Entertainment media influences our lives (Anderson & Dill, 2000). A large body of research contends that a positive relationship exists between the consumption of violent media and aggressive behaviour in children (Joint Statement, 2000). Violent media has a range of channels, such as film, television programmes, video games, online content and other interactive forms (Gentile, Linder & Walsh, 2003). The increasing presence, use and accessibility of media are believed to play a significant role in childhood development (Wilson, 2008). This assertion is aligned with the theories of observational learning, in particular modelling. Another view adds to the understanding of this phenomenon, by contending that media is merely a stimulus which provokes a response and that the consequences of those responses is what maintain violent behaviour into adulthood. A third view is considered which proposes that the link between violent media consumption and childhood aggression is mediated by underlying individual and contextual factors. Essentially, this essay proposes three possible mediators to the development of aggressive behaviour in children.
Supporting Evidence Over 1000 studies have demonstrated the effects of media violence and aggressive behaviour on children (Joint Statement, 2000). Aggressive behaviour is purported to be learnt vicariously through the modelling of violence (Chance, 2014). In terms of short-term behavioural effects,…

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