Media Representation Of Women Essay

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The media has not been considered a positive influence in advancing the cause of women. The media tends to objectify women, casting out that which makes up a woman except her sexuality. In research over the media’s representation of women, eight negative gender-related patterns regarding women were found to be generally true.
First, women seem to be relatively invisible. Women are vastly underrepresented in the media. In five major newspapers and magazines, women composed a mere 10% to 28% of the opinion columnists (Matlin 45). Women’s sports only make up 6% of the total sports coverage (Matlin 45). Only about 30% to 40% of prime-time television talents are women (Matlin 45). Since women make up half of the population, this is disturbingly low.
Women are also relatively inaudible. Women are heard even
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Men are treated far more seriously than women. For example, when women run for office, the media mentions her hairstyle, her flaws, and her clothing choices. This does not tend to happen with men.
Women’s bodies are used differently when compared to men in the media as well. Overweight women are ignored in the media. Overweight men, however, are prevalent. Women in fantasy, such as comic books and video games, have exaggerated physical female traits such as large breasts and tiny waists. Women also tend to be draped across men seductively and work as decoration in the media while men adopt strong, dignified postures.
The seventh pattern is that women of color are very underrepresented. Black women are becoming more represented in the media, but Latinas, Asians, and Native Americans are nearly completely invisible in the media. When women of color are represented, they are shown in a stereotypical way. The representation that women of color do get in the media usually presents in a typecast of either “good girls” or “bad girls.” often corresponding with their level of sexual

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