Media Representation Of Gender Stereotypes Essay

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"The mass media perpetuates gender stereotypes and, in doing so, distorts our understanding of ourselves as individuals." - Discuss this statement.

Media representation of gender stereotypes in today 's society has became under increasing pressure to change. The term 'mass media ' is generally used in relation to television, books, newspapers, advertisements, magazines and films. Mass media tends to reflect the ideological message of what 's deemed as the natural roles of men and women - the classic gender stereotypes. Consequently this can have negative effects on an individual 's confidence and mentality, in particular to young men and women who see those portrayed in the media as their role models. Young adults often feel under intense pressure to look and behave in certain ways based on those portrayed in the media and this essay will explore this.

Television is a key contributor to gender stereotyping in the mass media as it continues to maintain traditional gender roles through reflecting the central social values of society and subsequently reinforces the idea of such stereotypes being natural (Chandler n.d). Chandler illustrates the over representation of male figures in television through various examples such as how men outnumber women in T.V. by approximately 4 to 1 and in regards to children 's cartoons men outnumber female character 10 to 1. The emphasis of male characters isn 't the only difference in television as the roles each gender play are more often…

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