Media Project : Process Report Essay

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Media Project: Process report

Researching, planning and construction: November-December 2015, January-February 2016.
As a part of Media Project, we started working on our carrom club documentary in December. For the research, we visited few carrom clubs- Govandi, Kurla, Dadar, Chitacamp. We met carrom players in at all the places. Our research started through Naasir bhai [carrom supplier]. After Naasir bhai’s interview, we got Iqbal Nabi’s contact details. End of December, Iqbal Nabi invited us to carrom tournaments & we got a chance to interview Professional as well as local carrom players, carrom club owners, organizers, etc. who are there to practice & learn through others matches too. We met several interesting players who got jobs through carrom quota & students who got scholarship through carrom. More than 25-30 interviews we took. It helped me to understand the skill to ask questions in a way so they elaborate their thoughts & experiences. I tried to have casual conversations too, though it was about their personal life. Slowly, 3 of our main characters started opening up. I took most of audio interviews. Initially, we were not sure of selecting characters. My team was having different opinions on what angle to show in this documentary. Through that Kurla local carrom tournament, we met Shabbir Khan. We explored the cultural shifting of Mumbai because of carrom clubs. As in Naygaon, Dadar, Ghatkopar, Dombivali side we see working class, Marathi, Hindu people &…

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