Media Objectification of Women Essay

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Media Objectification of Women “Dreamworlds 3”
To be sociologically mindful is to look for patterns in the society, observe all sides of the social life, ask questions, and seek answers. Being sociologically mindful can lead us to looking into matters that are complex and allow us the opportunity to understand the mechanism behind the division of our society. Race and gender seems to be the most obvious divide lines for this society. While race can sometimes be overlooked in society, discrimination based on gender is hardly absent, whether consciously or unconsciously, on the behaviors of society. In such a society that values masculinity, being born a male is like a rain check to so many privileges in life. In return, this social
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It was also believed that a women foot size emphasized her femininity and sexuality and was also a restriction to her mobility and thus insured her subordination and loyalty to her husband. And both tiny waist in the Victorian England and the bound foot in China were a point of sexual excitement in sense that the fragile appearance of a woman bounded feet or tightened waist allowed the man control over the woman ensuring his ownership over her. (Hesse-Biber 56). Female circumcision in Ancient Egypt and to the present is also a practice to control women sexuality. The impairing of a female sexual organ and the limitation of her sexual desires insured the girl virginity at marriage. Circumcision goes beyond enforcing the idea of patriarchal Ancient Egypt society but also that women are sex plates in the sense that they deliver sex to men while they are denied parts of their own bodies. By understanding this historical context, the objectification of women as sex objects that is discussed in “Dreamworlds 3” should come to no surprise. Just like ancient society valued women for their bounded feet, slimed waist, and circumcised genitals, our society today value women for their enhanced breasts, tiny waists, slim bodies, and big hips.
Women have come far in today’s society in term of education and work opportunity. They have fought for their voting rights and they won. They fought against being lower or second citizens and being treated as less of

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