Media Is The Primary Tool For Information For The Majority Of The World

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Media and technology are huge part of billions of people’s lives. Through technology, media is the primary tool for information for the majority of the world. This tool is very powerful and complex and people have a range of positive, neutral and negative opinions about it. This essay will discuss the effects of media, first by examining how media presents information to society, secondly the negative effects media and technology has on society and thirdly the way in which we can solve these problems.

Media is complex, because although it is an information-sharing tool, that everyone should have the right to access, it still is a multi-billion dollar business. This means that media companies do what every successful businesses do, they collect data to see what customers respond to best. The customer of a media outlet does not usually have to give any form of payment, as the business gains this through other ways, including clicking on to an article where there are ads displayed; other companies pay the media outlets for every view that their ad receives. Therefore, the more views, the more they are paid.

Online media is largely overtaking the old fashioned print of newspaper and magazines, and with technology is able to track what readers respond to extremely efficiently. They are able to analyse where the reader is located in the world, where the accessed the article, how long the article window is open for, how much of the article you read and what you choose to read…

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