Media Is A Divisive Source Of Information Essay

1752 Words Nov 14th, 2016 8 Pages
The media has always being a divisive source of information, it has always be seen to support one side more than the other, probably with the mentality of helping the right side of an issue, but it does not matter the reason bias is never going to be well received it does not matter if the opposition and criticism starts right away or the anger only expose itself after the issue is not even in question anymore, people grew to dislike and distrust the media not by one or two incidents, but by the history it has of taking sides, the media should focus on giving a report without bias and with all the facts in the table with not room to ignore the truth, there is usually two sides of a story in the media: people in favor and people against it, by creating these two sides, sometimes more, the media is giving room to the citizens to pick and choose the reports or news that fit their agenda, by giving irrefutable proof on issue the media outlets would not have other choice that to give the news as it really is and not a twisted version of the truth so that both sides can use it in their favor, although the way the news are given is also an issue, while dealing with sensible topics like sexual assault, for example, some media outlets make the suspect sympathetic while giving the news: the suspect is a good student, this crime would taint his or her future, they have a brilliant future ahead, so yes we can say that they are presenting the true, but the way it is presented is not in…

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