Media Influence The Social Standards Of Female Beauty

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Register to read the introduction… Magazines reveal young and extremely thin women. This holds true in most other forms of visual media, including magazines, film, television, and even children’s television. By presenting the ideal woman as a thin, long-legged one, the media had played a major role in carving out a community standard for female beauty. The media do not only influence standards of female beauty. Through constant exposure to these supposed ideals of beauty in the media, individuals begin to engage in social comparison of the ideals and investment in appearance for self-evaluation. For example, when women compare their bodies with an image that they see in the media, they almost always find themselves wanting more exposure to images. Therefore, it leads to then develop eating disorders and other unhealthy practices in order to bring their bodies closer to the ideal of beauty depicted by the media.
The media had influence the culture of young women, which lied everywhere in our lives. Because the exposure of individuals to the mass media is so great, they are involuntarily influenced by it. This is how the media influenced the body image in societies by exposure to an unrealistic ideal of beauty, individuals, and especially women gradually ground these ideals as the standard of beauty against which women are compelled to judge themselves. When they invariably find themselves lacking, they develop a negative body image and self-esteem

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