Essay about Media Influence On The United States

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Media Influence on Politics in the United States
The media, or press, has a critical impact on the political system in the United States. Television news reaches more Americans than any other single news source. (Ginsberg) Reporters distribute information about world chaos throughout the day over the news. Over 95 percent of Americans have television. (Ginsberg) Media plays a huge role in politics when it comes to campaigning. The United States uses media to communicate in three different types of ways, which being, broadcast media, print media, and internet. (Boundless Learning)
Their political influence extends far beyond newspaper reports and articles of a direct political nature, or television shows connected with current affairs that bear upon politics. (Hardcastle) When there are major issues going on in the world people are sure to hear about it on TV. In a much more subtle way, they can influence people 's thought patterns by other means, like "goodwill" stories, pages dealing with entertainment and popular culture, movies, TV "soaps", "educational" programs. (Hardcastle) The newspaper now can be seen on the internet.TV shows like “Scandal” shows a different side of politics and what goes on in the White House sometimes.
Broadcast media consist of radio and television. Radio plays a huge role in broadcast media. Radio is basically the headline news without pictures. (Ginsberg) Short time amount of that the radio devotes about 5 minutes per hour to the news.…

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