Media Influence on the People of the Us During Ww1 Essay

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Amaani Mehra
AP World History
Mr. Christopher Rhatigan
1st April, 2012


The US government used media in various ways during the First World War, to manipulate the public to support their purpose. The reason that the majority of people in the US had common views throughout the First World War was because of the media influence. When the US was under the neutrality agreement, the media helped people feel good about being neutral. However, when the time came for the US to join the war, the media suddenly changed and tried to gain public support in favor of joining the war. During the war, however, to keep the home front happy, the media had to portray the war in a
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By showing the horrors of the war to the US public, the government gained support in their decision of remaining neutral. The propaganda techniques used at this time were publishing numbers of dead people due to the war etc. Also, to make the US public feel supported in this decision, the government of the US revealed that 105 nations had chosen to favor the Allies, only 20 had favored the Central Powers and over 240 nations had declared neutrality.
Even though the war had started in 1914, the US only joined in 1917 because the media portrayed it so that it looked like the US did not have an earlier involvement in the war. The propaganda when the US joined the war portrayed ideals that nobody could disagree upon such as Freedom, Justice, Democracy and Christianity. The United States army was quite small in the spring of 1917. However, when the US had decided to join the war, they had to use propaganda to get men to enlist for service in the army. There were various posters displayed across the country, in newspapers, magazines, and posted in various public areas. To get men to enlist, the posters portrayed military service as heroic. There were images in which they made the men who stayed back look like cowards. In one of the posters, for example, there was a man looking out the window at the army marching. On the poster, it was written “On which side of the window are

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