Media Influence On Body Image

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Research Paper: Media’s Influence on Body Image

Proposed Methods
Media has a very strong influence on the behavior of the people and has various aspects of influence on the population. Interpersonal relations between people in the society borrow a leaf from the media and the information available. In this context, there is influence of the media on the body language of the people and thus the body image. Body image entails the attitudes of the people towards their personalities and bodies a well as the body of people around them. Body image is as a result of what people perceive is right to do with their bodies and their health resulting to differences in behavior among the people.
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The way people behave, interact, and dress and the health posture of people in a society is as a result of the way they perceive as acceptable in the society. For instance, the media has always downplayed the issue of use of technological devices such as phones and tablets when driving. This has resulted to a major impact in the way people put up with the behaviors in the society. Jon Schmitz observes that a large number of people in the society perceive use of cellphones when driving as legal because the media does not generally educate the public on the effect of use of the gadgets when driving (Schmitz, 2010). The study by Schmitz provides a god benchmark that can be used in order to unravel the effect that the media has on body language. On a wider scope, use of cellphones as a body language in the society can be observed as people who appear in the media tend to use the gadgets while driving. Body image extends to the behaviors of people such as the way people drive and text at the same time. The media has a role of making sure that there is available information regarding behavior and repercussions. Media has a wide influence in the society and it is paramount to analyze how negative body image influence in the society has impacts in the way people behave. From teenagers to adults, the media pose a great threat in the modeling of behavior of a society. This research paper …show more content…
by showing to the society the acceptable behaviors or the most common behaviors in public, the media is able to shape the body image of most people in the society. Research literature on the negative impact of media on body image and behavior of the people will be carried out and qualitative analysis of about five articles analyzed. In addition, the research paper will involve the public with approximately fifty individuals from diverse age-groups and composed of both gender. Inclusion of diverse age-groups and both men and women in a research enables a research to get rid of reliability issues that may be

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