Media, Image, And Eating Disorders Essay

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The Relationship between Media, Image, and Eating Disorders
The mass media provide a valuable and influential context from which people get to learn about various things. However, recent reports have shown that the media is negatively affecting the people’s perception of how they should look like (Gilbert 640). In fact, teenagers are the ones who have been adversely affected. One of the critical questions is whether the media is influencing the youth to adopt eating disorders.
It is a general knowledge that the invention of the mass media has brought both good and bad effects. Various studies have proved that the media have an important role to play in the effect of self-image and eating disorders especially among the teenagers. Self-image refers to how a person views himself or herself. Televisions, movies, magazines, and the internet have contributed to influencing the teens with images and pressure on what they should look like. Through the media, the teen’s self-image has been distorted, leading them to engage in risky behaviors when they feel they are not up for the task. Thus, they engage in eating disorders like anorexia that refers to a situation when one tries to lower their weight. Bulimia is an eating pattern that occurs when someone attempts to control their weight through vomiting and the use of laxatives. Another eating disorder is binge eating, which also occurs when one feels that they are compelled to eat. About a half of teenage girls and a third of teenage…

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