Media Effect: The Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Media

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The Social Media Effect
By Gursimrat Tiwana
FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram; these are all universal social media sites that everyone knows about now. Before 2000, there was little to no knowledge about the internet and what we could learn from it. In 2015, we can message, tweet, or blog to people from all around the world within minutes. What once took months to hit the national newspapers is now easily shared with the click of a button via social media sites. We all hear about the dangers of social media addiction, but we fail to recognize that we are already sucked in and addicted to sharing everything about our lives, whether we know it or not. Social media has undoubtably allowed individuals to reconnect with long lost relatives and learn more of any topic than
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Social media has both positive and negative effects on modern society, however, the negatives far outweigh the positive effects. There is a new type of problem associated with the usage of social media platforms called “virtual distance”. Virtual distance is described as “…the feeling or perception that you are far away from someone, even if you happen to be relatively close.” (Statesman, n.pag.) This is very common in today’s generation since individuals rely on their phones and other screens to do all the communication, even if the individual they are talking to is merely feet away. This form of communication enables us to create a false perception of the individual we are communicating with (Statesman, n.pag.). This is because we think of the other individual in our own way, making up our own perceptions of who this individual is, and when there is real life interaction with this individual, they do not live up to the standards of which we set them up to be. A reason for this false perception was described in

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