Essay about Media Coverage Regulations On The Media

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The First Amendment of the United States Constitution states that the government cannot infringe upon the freedom of speech and media’s press coverage, but in recent years the government seems more determined to censor what is released in the media. According to free-lance journalist, Edward Bishop, “there is … a closeness between journalism and the government that most people would be shocked if they knew about” (Csapó-Sweet and Kopper, 2001, 19:50). The media allows people a way to express themselves freely and is a means of informing people what is going on in the world. Addressing the issue of corporate ownership in the media is much more important than it appears to be; to take down corporate ownership would help maintain the circulation of different thoughts among the public. It would help maintain the right to listen to the unedited forms of every aspect of the media. Most importantly, it would help maintain the rapidly weakening basic right of speech set in place by the government. There are three publications that will explore media coverage regulations and how it affects people: “Live! Broadcasting high-profile appeals reignites cameras in the courtroom debate” by journalist Derek Green, “Duopoly Light? Service Agreements and Local TV” by professor Danilo Yunich, and Virtual Objectivity: Media and the Critics with Noam Chomsky produced by Rita Marika Csapó-Sweet and Judith Kopper.
The Communications Act of 1934 requires the Federal Communications Commision (FCC)…

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