Media Coverage in the Vietnam War and the War on Iraq Essay

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"In wartime, truth is so precious that she should be attended by a bodyguard of lies" –
Winston Churchill. Ideally, the media has a responsibility of making sure that it does not happen.
The media plays a crucial role in covering the war in the most objective, bias-free and truthful manner, even if negative stories have to be reported. In this essay, the comparison of media coverage between the Vietnam War and Gulf War II has four areas to cover, which are the freedom of correspondents, embedding, the reliability and quality of the coverage.
The media also plays the role of a "watchdog" in observing the government closely and reporting their actions. With the U.S. in Vietnam, the American people wanted to be kept up-to-
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7. Identification of mission aircraft points of origin, other than as land- or carrier-based.
8. Information on the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of enemy camouflage, cover, deception, targeting, direct and indirect fire, intelligence collection, or security measures. 9. Specific identifying information on missing or downed aircraft or ships while search and rescue operations are planned or underway.
10. Specific operations forces’ methods, unique equipment, or tactics.
11. Specific operating methods and tactics, (e.g., air angles or attack or speed, or naval tactics and evasive maneuvers). General terms such as ‘low’ or ‘fast’ may be used.
12. Information on operational or support vulnerabilities that could be used against U.S. forces, such as details of major battle damage or major personnel losses of specific U.S. or coalition units, until such information no longer provides tactical advantage to the enemy or is released by CENTCOM. Damages and casualties may be described as
"light," "moderate" or "heavy." (Patterson 1995)
The media coverage portrayed the United States as losing the war, and made Johnson look like a liar. Once again, the media’s presence in Vietnam caused the public to have mixed feelings about the war. It was the media that had the people believing U.S. was doing well in
Vietnam, but then it was the media

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