Essay on Media Coverage And Manipulation Among African Americans

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The Impact of Media Coverage and Manipulation among African Americans Media coverage is where specific resources of information and statistics are represented by the media either by press releases, broadcast televisions, magazines, or radios. Ever since technologies such as the radios, televisions, cell phones, and computers were implemented, our modern society has been heavily shaped by the media. While many people think that the media controls resources of information that enhances our knowledge by providing us with unbiased information, it has the ability to change a person’s mentality through the power of persuasion, exaggerations, and unrealistic advertisements. Moreover, the media is also to blame for negative traits that people have in this society because of the misconceptions it produces. As a consequence, the media has enforced stereotypes and misconceptions in which people believes that it is true by showing misleading images and depictions of people to show certain ethnicities as an inferior race.
One portrayal that the media has implemented on the public is the African American stereotype. Through movies, books, and film documentaries, the media has portrayed African Americans negatively. Consequently, the media has destroyed many African Americans’ future for a better life. Even though people don’t meet the media’s stereotype, it is difficult for a person to accept that that person is different. For instance, in the text, “The Revolt of the Black…

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