Media Convergence Essay

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Media convergence is defined as the technological merging of content in different mass media. In the last fifty years the use of media and how we access it has changed dramatically. First off I will start by talking about all the advantages and disadvantages of the different ways that we American’s get our news delivered to us. There are many different ways; newspaper, radio, television, and the World Wide Web. These days the one that seems to be the most popular with millennial generation is the internet. The internet has its many advantages but also has those few disadvantages that are mainly to the older generations (The silent generation and the baby Boomers generation). The advantages include receiving information quicker, …show more content…
Then finally there is the television. The television is the second most popular form of media next to the internet. Almost every family has access to a television and many events can be watched live (which can be done on the internet as well).Although the television is the main form of media for many people it may not be the best choice for others because the news cannot be accessed 24/7 and you may have to wait an hour just to hear the story that you wanted to. The sexual and violent content is a disadvantage for many families with small children, and production and air time costs are a disadvantage to the producers.
The role of our company is to make sure that all generations get their news as fast and as efficient as possible. We want to be a company that is seen as reliable. There have been many positive and negative changes in the media in the last fifty years. Among the positive changes are the ability to get news immediately, The different ways to obtain the news, and now easy it is to connect with family and friends. Among the more negative changes are the reliability of the news, the availability has made it easier to steal other people’s work, and more violence and sexual content seen on the television and internet. 50 years ago the television

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