Media Controls The Way A Society Thinks Essay

1220 Words Nov 14th, 2016 5 Pages
Media controls the way a society thinks. It controls what people see or don’t see, what people know and don’t know about any and all topics. All of it depends on the media consumption and what the media decides to release. It can be twisted to fit anyone’s personal opinion or point of view and can make whoever reads it, think in a guided way. It creates ideas, opinions, presumptions and judgments. Media is such an important source of information that often times does not get looked into any further than the information it presents. Despite the flaws and misinformation that can be presented and taken blindly as fact.
In looking at horror movies, the monsters are astounding and the information can be twisted to fit the plot of the movie. This is often the case, to help create a better movie to scare the adrenaline hooked consumers more. Every monster falls victim to it. From the vampires from Venice to werewolves from England and Switzerland, each of them are twisted to fit into the plot of a movie, until the original monster is no more a husk of its former self. The same thing is happening here at home with the Native American monsters finding their way into today 's’ many media outlets. Despite many protests from the native people, movie, book and video game writers repeatedly steal monsters from their legends and myths to become the protagonist of their stories, and twist them to fit their plot. Native Americans do not like their stories being written down, are probably…

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