Essay about Media, Biological Or Genetic And Psychological Factors

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Some people claim that the media, biological or genetic and psychological factors are not the main reasons that influence individual to develop an eating disorder. The majority of people today used a different type of media to be informed, for entertainment, interactions, and advertisement. The media portrays a vast majority of information that it is available for the public to watch in the comfort of the homes or base on their own convenience and taste. The general public is free to choose what type of media, information, reality TV shows it wants to focus on. So choosing to put more attention on or not choosing to look past the commercial and reality TV shows for example that portrays slimmer body can be the expression of personal insecurities. If someone, was to develop an eating disorder from focusing too much on the media consumption of beauty. Is it really because of the media or because there were already personal insecurities. There might not be enough conclusive evidence in science that states the existence of an eating disorder gene in the human DNA. When it comes to eating disorders being passed on to generation, it is the responsibilities of individuals within the family unit to ensure that they are not reproducing or recreating conditions that can give rise to family members developing the eating disorders already running in the family. According to Mazzeo and Bulik (2009), eating disorder is not an inherited disease that can be passed on from parents to…

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