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A Gift of Life
It was every subway rider’s nightmare, times two. Who has ridden along New York’s 656 miles of subway lines and not wondered: “What if I fell to the tracks as a train came in? What would I do?” And who has not thought: “What if someone else fell? Would I jump to the rescue?” Wesley Autrey, a 50-year-old construction worker and navy veteran, faced both those questions in a flashing instant yesterday and got his answers almost as quickly. Mr. Autrey was waiting for the downtown local at 137th Street and Broadway in Manhattan around 12:45 p.m. He was taking his two daughters, Syshe, 4, and Shuqui, 6, home before work.
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Threats to Experimental Validity: Avoiding Experimental Bias Becoming an Informed Consumer of Psychology: Thinking Critically about Research Psychology on the Web The Case of . . . Confusion Full Circle: Introduction to Psychology

Wesley Autrey’s extraordinarily brave behavior illustrates the best of human nature. It also gives rise to a host of intriguing questions. For example, • How did Autrey make the split-second decision to give aid to the man who fell onto the tracks? Would he have made the same decision if he had more time to think about it? • What physical and biological changes occurred when Autrey leapt onto the tracks? • What emotions did Autrey experience as the subway car hurtled by above him? • What memories will Autrey’s children have when they think back to the frightening spectacle of the subway passing over their father, and will it affect their later lives? • Why was Autrey the only one who offered help even though dozens of others witnessed the event? As we’ll soon see, psychology addresses questions like these—and many, many more. In

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