Media Bias And The Media Essay

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In regards to media bias, I still think that there is no way for the media to not be biased though they are close. To me, it seems like all media has an inherit biased. It is possible that newspapers hire journalists with the anticipation of creating a specific news narrative. In class we talked about the ‘ownership of the money.’ This scenario was with CNN being owned by TimesWarner which donated to the Clinton campaign. Our perception of the world is limited by where we get our news. With social media, we get a first-hand account1 of ‘reporting’ and even then it is our own spin of the news. We are the generation that would use a 140-character tweet, and memes instead of getting the full story. With the more comedic hot-takes from popular hosts, it appears that we treat the politics being broadcasted as a joke. I think though we have made information easily accessible through the internet there is one drawback with the media bias. Since, there are too many ways to get information. Our generation consists of cognitive misers. We want to know about everything but expend the least amount of mental resources. This class allows us to doubly be sure of what we believe in.

For the issue of racism, as a class, we tried to define the action; I still believe that racism does connote power. We struggle to differentiate between prejudice versus racism. But, I believe that it is prejudging a situation before you know anything about it. With racism, I think discrimination is deeply…

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