Media Bias And The Media Essay

2167 Words Dec 8th, 2016 9 Pages
In today’s society it seems as if the media is starting to take control of people’s ability to think for themselves. There have been multiple cases in which many news broadcasting stations have lied to their viewers in order to spread fear and confuse, when in reality nothing serious had happened. In today’s world there seems to be three reasons in which the media is causing harm in today’s growing society. One particular reason in which the media is causing harm is what many people like to call media bias, which is the practice of how many news journalist decide in which stories to cover and how they want to cover it. After knowing how media bias works, it leads to the second reason in which does the media report fairly and how the news lies to its viewers. Lastly there is the threat of social media and how it is used to mold people into living robots as it takes away people’s ability to interact with the real, the youth are the one’s that are most affected. The media has already took control of people’s mind, ask any teenager about the situation in Syria, there answer might be a blank expression of ignorance, but if you were to ask the same teenager about the Kardashian’s they would end up producing the entire story about the family in under a minute, it’s times like this is when people start to realize what society is becoming.
What exactly is media bias and why is it bad in the mass media? In the mass media, media bias occurs when a media outlet reports a particular…

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