Essay Media And The Media Industry

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The use of media in context with the social world have a very close relationship. I agree with the statement because the structure in society and the desire for the industry to make a profit limits what people in the media industry can create and thus the content that is created has a significant impact in the diversity of media content. Structure and agency are important ideas that are used to explain society. Structure is described as “factors of influence (social class, religion, gender etc.) that determines or limits an agent in their decisions.” ("Agency (sociology)." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation. Web. 3 Oct. 2015.). Agency is the actions that it individual makes. In society, the media industry is a structure that’s goal is to make a profit. Structure in our society determines what those who work in the media industry could produce because structure is determined by the business mindset. In this mindset, an individual can be creative, but their ideas have to be able to gain audience attention and profit. The government also has an important world role in the idea of social structure. In society, the government is an institution that organizes our world through laws, bills etc. Through the use of the FCC; The Federal Communications Commission, and the censorship of many media content such as Radio, television, movies, and newspapers, the government has been able to limit the content in different media which has limited the amount of diversity in those different types…

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