Essay on Media And The Civil Rights Era During The 21st Century

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Racism and media have both been around for centuries, evolving over time. With the evolution of social media racism has become even more prevalent. These platforms have made voicing one’s opinions/views as easy as the click of a button. Since the civil rights movement, people have been turning to media to raise awareness regarding social movements. During this era, they used local media platforms which were all controlled, only allowing what was approved to be released. This meant not always being completely open with race issues during the time.
The purpose of this study is to show how media was used during the Civil Rights era compared to how media is used in social movement during the 21st century. As media started to evolve and we were introduced to social media platforms near the 21st century social movements became more of an epidemic. One could get live footage of race riots, controversy, police brutality, and violent acts as they occurred all in the palm of there hand. There was no control of what was being put out for the public to see. We continue to evolve in the sense that new media platforms are released regularly, and the “old” media platforms are being updated routinely. While media is growing so are the people using it
One social movement of the 21st century that has made headlines on all platforms is the Black Lives Mater movement, said to have “escaped the control of the ruling establishment,” Peterson-Smith (2016) discusses how the movement is one that…

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