Media And The Anti Drug Movement Essay

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During the 1970’s, President Nixon publicly prohibited drug use by defining drug addiction as an, “infectious disease which was spreading to suburbia” (Orsini 19) and using the phrases “such as ‘plague’ and ‘epidemic’” in public (Trujillo 16). The president officially declared a War on Drugs. Media framing was the powerful tool in discouraging the public from using drugs like Marijuana. Especially, the media used the “problem frame” which means “a narrative structure based on danger and fear” (Orsini 14). In other words, as media related the use of drugs to crime, violence and risk, the nation began to be fearful of the criminals linked to drugs and have antipathy toward its use. The media frame opposing the recreational use of marijuana assisted in developing the anti-drug movements like the “Just Say No” campaign, started by Nancy Reagan, wife of President Ronald Reagan, to assist in preventing children from the recreational use of marijuana and other drugs by providing various methods in rejecting its use. The “Just Say No” campaign helped other campaigns with a similar agenda form, like parents who were concerned about their children being addicted to marijuana. One family began an anti-marijuana movement in Atlanta, Georgia in 1976. The movement spread by various media coverages and national conferences, and became a huge grassroots-activism campaign that lasted for four years in various countries such as England, Finland, Mexico, and Jamaica. The grassroots…

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