Media And Marketing That Impact On The Lives Of Young Children

1865 Words Jul 28th, 2015 null Page
In our generations, parents are always seeking to understand why their children tend to spend all their money while shopping. The mass media, children and younger generations are easy to influence within the market field and are used as puppets. Children are less able to analyze facts that are directed to them which applies an immoral way to target children using such advertisements. This paper will explain the influence caused by media and marketing that impact on the lives of young children by overwhelming them with advertisements. Children are being used a material which helps the marketers business rise. The advertisements allows children to seek the intentions of how to think rather than what to think and be yourself. Marketing to children has become a huge social problem since the 1980’s (Schor, 2008). As marketing to children created a major issue, no action has been made to eliminate this tragedy. The documentary “Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood” emphasis on the negative aspects marketers are implying onto to children due to the exposure of negative subjects such as sex, violence, junk food, drugs, alcohol and false intentions (Barbaro, 2008). The commercials advertised to the children are very influential which means children watching it are entertained and are used as puppets to follow what they see. Since marketers main target is children, young consumers are being manipulated at such a young age to convince their parents to purchase all the new…

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