Essay on Media And Its Impact On The United States

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Since radio, television, and all other forms of media began, their presence in the world has been constantly growing. The media today has become part of everyday life, and is continuing to expand its domain. The United States since the start World War 2 began has been shaped and altered by newspapers, radio, television coverage, and more. While it was once made up a small portion of the average person’s life and could be avoided, now media coverage is unavoidable with cell phones and laptops giving constant updates of what is going on in the world. However, since media began, there has been a struggle to decide if it has been a positive or negative influence of the United States as a whole. The coverage helps to expand the average American’s perspective on the world around him or her by bringing new information unavailable before media began. Overall, due to the media 's actions of exposing the government 's lies, motivating Americans to come together and fight during World War 2, and helping to gain more rights for African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement, the development of a stronger media presence has been a positive influence for the United States of America.
Due to the growing news coverage in America, the government’s lies have become exposed more and more, which has allowed for Americans to make more educated decisions. During the Vietnam War in the 1960s, the government was telling the American public that the war was coming to a close and there was a…

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