Essay on Media Analysis : Big Brother

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Ninety-nine days previous, sixteen strangers stepped into a house to compete for half of one million dollars. An annual summer tradition of CBS’ summer lineup, Big Brother is the only reality TV show that exists on the basis of 24-hour surveillance. The Big Brother house is no home to privacy. Cameras and microphones monitor every square inch. Viewers tune into a summer of manipulation, confrontation, showmances, tears, and “epic” battles three nights a week. As if that wasn’t enough, CBS offers “CBS All Access”-an online monthly subscription that gives members access to the Big Brother Live Feeds. Big Brother is a niche in reality television. Producers of the show not only fully converged TV and Internet media, but also inject their show with steroids of perceived reality each time they demand hostess Julie Chen to use “LIVE” to describe each and every component that make up Big Brother in 2016,
“Welcome to the LIVE season finale of Big Brother”. To fully interpret what could be said about media literacy and Big Brother by W. James Potter, a consumer’s perspective must be shifted slightly when “reality” precedes the word “television”. What more could have the power to shape reality than a television show based upon reality? One step further; Big Brother is fueled by the basis of not only broadcasted, but constant “reality”.
Big Brother’s intensified depiction of constant reality demands media literacy in a unique and peculiar way. Potter stresses that, “low level media…

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