Medi The Medium Of Communication Essay

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Media, the medium of communication., can also be regarded as the tool to pass the information from the source to the subject, using all the technical means with the ever-accelerated updating of science and technology. Great changes have been made in the way of media such as technologies, platforms, services and uses. One remarkable phenomenon of the contemporary media is that the number of people who focus on digital media is increasing. A good case in point is that the network information updates more quickly and the public watch YouTube videos from their laptop, their phone, their iPad or their tablet device more and more often recently. Due to the development of new media, people to some extent fail to consider the essential of paper media. The traditional media is mainly in the form of paper, which is virtually dependent on new media. Paper media according to the method of editing and publishing characteristics exist in newspapers, magazines, books and literature in all aspects of human daily life. Although the print media is highly vulnerable to the rapid development of digital media. On no account can people ignore the immense value of traditional media in current society. What a status of print media is a controversial topic for contemporary society as a whole.

Economic benefits accrue to the country from print media. The traditional media occupies a position in the contemporary economic development, providing a powerful support to social development. First of all,…

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