The Importance Of Civil Rights In The School Curriculum

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I went through high school and currently in two-year collage for diploma without knowledge of many of civil right activists that put in so much time, energy and even last drop of their blood in fight against racism and bring desegregation to the level it is today in United States. Meanwhile I am familiar with many notorious dictators and wicked terrorists like Idiamin Dada of Uganda, Gen. Sani Abacha of Nigeria, and Osama Bin Laden to mention only these few. I believe that including the study of civil right activists in school curriculum should be encouraged because the activities of the civil right activists brought about humanization, and desegregation of African Americans, and hence equal rights for everyone in United States of America no matter color, creed and race. Some of these rights are righ to humane treatment, to equal education, to vote, and equal employment opportunity. Medgar Evers lived and dead fighting the cause he believed in, fight against racism and its attendant dehumanization …show more content…
From the above assertions it is self-evident that there is need for the School Curriculum Committee to include the sturdy of the civil right activists in the school curriculum as it will not be fair and in the good interest of society if the knowledge of struggles of the past activists like Medgar Evers that made it possible for racism and its attendant dehumanization and segregation to be brought down to the level it is today is not kept on. The study of the human rights activists will help keep the memories of the fight alive in the youths and encourage them to continue the struggle because more still need to be done to achieve total eradication of racism and enthronement of full equal rights and justice for all no matter color, creed and race in United

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