Medea vs. Odysseus Essay

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Odyssey vs. Medea Odysseus is sent to Troy to help fight the Trojans in order to win back Helen. In order to help the Greeks Odysseus must leave his wife, Penelope, and his son, Telemachus. Odysseus was gone for many years and in that time face many problems as well as when he was back in Ithaca. Medea is a sorceress who falls in love with Jason and helps him steal the Golden Fleece from her father and escape. Medea and Jason safely reach Greece are married and have two children, but Jason leaves Medea to marry a new bride and become king. Medea is the protagonist of Euripides’s play Medea she is comparable to Odysseus from Homer’s epic The Odyssey in that they both are faced with many problems, but the way in which they handle the …show more content…
Odysseus has also suffered a number of horrible dilemmas and knows how cruel the world can be. Odysseus also knows that even at a young age his son, Telemachus, has seen a lot of pain in his mother, the household, and himself. Odysseus tries to reconcile the lost time with his son and help guide him through his life avoiding as many atrocities of life as possible. This choice to assist his son in his many years to come is both wise and in the best interest of Telemachus. Odysseus encounters many obstacles on his voyage back to Ithaca. The same is true of Medea who meets many problems on her way to Greece with Jason. Odysseus chooses to rationally fix his problems with wit. “Here, Cyclops, try this wine . . . ‘this is nectar, ambrosia – this flows form heaven’” (Od, 9. 388-403). Odysseus gives the Cyclops wine and the Cyclops gets drunk making it easier to defeat the Cyclops and escape the vault. When Medea was helping Jason escape her brother and father were chasing after them. Medea knew that if she killed her brother her father would have to give him a proper burial which would give them enough time to escape and be on their way to Greece. Medea then proceeded to kill her own brother to help Jason the one she was forced to love by Aphrodite. Medea and Odysseus run into comparable problems but differ from each other by handling the predicaments in

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