Medea Vs Creon Analysis

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Jason of Medea and Creon of Antigone have many disastrous actions in common. Creon sentences Antigone to death for going against him (1. 380-386). Creon wants the death penalty for the female lead Antigone terribly. A death sentence for anyone can make them feel down or gloomy. It can result in hopelessness or suicidal tendencies. It can overall put a damper on things and make them feel put down. Similarly, Jason makes Medea’s spirits very low. Jason is given everything Medea can give in her power. Jason leaves her for a virgin bride. Medea is left to be the only one to care for their two sons. She feels so depressed she wishes her own death (6). Although she does not follow through with these actions, she still feels the same hurt that Antigone …show more content…
585-587). He feels since he is older, he is more and greater than his son could possibly be in any way. It might hurt his precious ego if what Haimon says is true and proves him wrong. Jason from Medea, and Creon from Antigone, share many disastrous operations.
The calamitous actions of Jason and Creon contrast variously. Jason is very gullible, while Creon is more stubborn. Jason believes Medea is drastically altering every aspect of her train of thought to complement his previous plan. Naively Jason leaves with the fatal gifts (31). Jason honestly believes that the woman who kills her own brother (16) would let her rage over the divorce and exile dissipate. He also believes she would give gifts to the woman she was left for out of the kindness of her heart. Jason goes with the flow of things by doing as Medea wants. Jason is credulous with making decisions and loses a lot. Creon, on the other hand, is very obstinate in matters. He is reluctant to listen to his son about Antigone. Instead of even taking into account what his people have been telling Haimon about him, he says, “The State is the King!” (3. 598). Creon is pushing away the notion of his people. He believes he is the only voice that matters. Creon is

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