Medea Tragic Hero Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… This was to slow down the pursuers as well as the people who were trying to track her down and bring her back home. Her powers did not stop here. In her husband’s hometown, she had also used her powers, in order to make the daughters of the king to kill the kill, who was their own father. Following this main event, the two characters, Jason as well as Medea herself, were exiled from the country, and they had settled down into a new town of Corinth. (Williamson, 1990)
In this town, the two had gained a good reputation in the society, and even had two children fi their own. However, Medea is left alone, and she is considered as a tragic hero because she had committed certain wrong doings in her past, to get what she wanted and made the decisions on her own freewill. The price she had to pay was that her own husband later divorced her and fell in love with someone else. She had given up the family, and even killed her own brother in order to escape with Jason, but at the start of the play, viewers can see that he voices her in favor for another
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At first she is very much emotional, and faces a complete emotional breakdown. However, this emotional breakdown soon turns into a furious rage as well as anger. It can be seen that because of the ay that Jason treated her, she leaves her emotional breakdown, and wants to take her revenge. She doe this by committing a lot of murders, and in the process, her own children die as well, where she is charged with infanticide. The fact was that she had more pleasure in Jason’s suffering of watching his children die, and forgot about her own remorse she felt in killing her own children.
Jason is the other character of the play that is considered as a tragic hero. He is basically the husband of Medea, and even though both of them are considered as tragic heroes there are important points of comparison between the two characters. The fact is that throughout the play, Jason is basically considered as being a villain because he does certain evil doings, which although, might be justified, are the result of his own evil intentions a swell as choices of free will that he makes. At first he makes Medea run way with himself, only later to abandon her. (Williamson,
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He is mainly considered as a tragic hero in the sense that he has to face many losses as a result of his own decisions which he makes, but the losses that he has to face, as well as the evil intentions of Medea which he has to suffer, outweigh as compared to the main wrong doing that he has committed. He does not deserve the extent of loss that he has encountered and as a result, is considered as more of a tragic hero as compared to

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