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The nurse has admitted a patient with a new diagnosis of pneumonia and explained to the patient that together they will plan the patient’s care and set goals for discharge. The patient says, “How is that different from what the doctor does?” Which response by the nurse is most appropriate?

“In addition to caring for you while you are sick, the nurses will assist you to develop an individualized plan to maintain your health.”

This response is consistent with the American Nurses Association (ANA) definition of nursing, which describes the role of nurses in promoting health. The other responses describe some of the dependent and collaborative functions of the nursing role but do not accurately describe the nurse’s role in the
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This statement gives measurable data showing resolution of the problem of deficient fluid volume that was identified in the nursing diagnosis statement. The other statements would not indicate that the problem of deficient fluid volume was resolved.

A nursing activity that is carried out during the evaluation phase of the nursing process is determining if interventions have been effective in meeting patient outcomes.

Evaluation consists of determining whether the desired patient outcomes have been met and whether the nursing interventions were appropriate. The other responses do not describe the evaluation phase.

During the assessment phase of the nursing process, the nurse obtains data with which to diagnose patient problems.
During the assessment phase, the nurse gathers information about the patient. The other responses are examples of the intervention, diagnosis, and planning phases of the nursing process.

An example of a correctly written nursing diagnosis statement is ineffective coping related to response to biopsy test results.
This diagnosis statement includes a NANDA nursing diagnosis and an etiology that describes a patient’s response to a health problem that can be treated by nursing. The use of a medical diagnosis (as in the responses beginning “Altered tissue perfusion” and “Altered urinary elimination”) is not appropriate. The response beginning “Risk

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