Mechanistic Personality Analysis

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A personality is what makes you who you are as a person characteristics that makes each person unique. Upon analyzing my own personality, greatly believe we all have more or less of each personality trait in us. I trust that my personality scores work best inside mechanistic structure vs. organic where the organization I see it a bit more structured for my personality type. Mechanistic structures are basically for organizations that work in a steady domain, utilize a together approach of power, and keep up solid faithfulness for administration. Organic structure is where employees in this structure are often found working in groups and share input on tasks. The first of the big five is openness. Openness is defined as the extent to which a person is imaginative or independent. For example, with the continuous headway in innovation, it helps an organization for their workers to end up more productive and openness has been …show more content…
Classified as an individual’s assertiveness, sociability and how well a person interacts in the company of others this I believe is probably the most important of all the “big fives.” I say this because I believe that in business as well as personal life we need to be organized and to have a strong sense of work and personal ethic. Businesses need to have relationships within the organization. While the level of the “extraversion” trait, is important on how “comfortable” one becomes in working and personal relationships, this is why I believe this is the most important characteristic. High extraversion individuals tend to be more sociable, friendly as well as talkative. I learned from the Big 5 test is that I am an introvert which means we tend to be quieter, reserved, and introspective, however I believe I do take into consideration, strong relationships within an organization must happen in order for a business to be successful and for individuals to succeed in the organization you work

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