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|Centre |: Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) |Unit Code |: FHSC1014 |
|Course |: Foundation in Science |Unit Title |: Mechanics |
|Year/ Trimester |: Year 1 / Trimester 1 | | |
|Session |: 201401 | | |

Tutorial 4: Application of Newton’s Laws.

1. The distance between two telephone poles is 50.0 m. When a 1.00 kg bird lands
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Determine the magnitude of when the block slides (a) up the wall and (b) down the wall. [(a) 52.6 N, (b) 39.4 N]

6. A 3.0 kg block is at rest on a horizontal floor. If you push horizontally on the 3.0 kg block with a force of 12.0 N, it just starts to move. (a) What is the coefficient of static friction? (b) A 7.0 kg block is stacked on top of the 3.0 kg block. What is the magnitude F of the force, acting horizontally on the 3.0 kg block that is required to make the two blocks start to move? [(a) 0.41, (b) 40 N]

7. The systems shown in figure below are in equilibrium. If the spring scales are calibrated in newtons, what do they read? Ignore the masses of the pulleys and strings and assume the pulleys and the incline in figure are frictionless. [49.1 N, 49.1 N, 98.1 N, 24.5 N]

8. A 3.00 kg block starts from rest at the top of a 30.0° incline and slides 2.00 m down the incline in 1.50 s. Find (a) the acceleration of the block, (b) the frictional force acting on the block, (c) the coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the incline, and (d) the speed of the block after it has slid 2.00 m. [(a) 1.78 m/s2, (b) 9.38 N, (c) 0.368, (d) 2.67 m/s]

9. Two boxes of fruit on a frictionless horizontal surface are connected by a light string as in figure, where m1 = 10 kg and m2 = 20 kg. A force of 50 N is applied to the 20 kg box. (a)

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