Mechanical Engineering : The Gas Turbine Engine Component I Designed Have Any Direct Impact On The World?

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Until a year ago, it never really occurred to me that I would be anything other than an engineer. As a kid I enjoyed math and science. I liked fixing things, and I liked tinkering. Adults would see me soldering an electrical circuit or building a model plane and say, “You’re going to be an engineer!” So I studied mechanical engineering, got a job with a big aerospace company, and I liked it.
Intellectually, it was a perfect fit for me: solving intricate problems all day. But something was missing. It all seemed a little abstract: did this gas turbine engine component I designed have any direct impact on the world? Did it actually help anyone? I assumed if I took on bigger and bigger projects I would have a greater sense of satisfaction. But as I rose through the ranks, the feeling did not really change. “Oh well,” I thought to myself, “guess I will just have to look for that outside the job.”
That thought changed when I went to visit a good friend of mine from college. He graduated dental school a year prior and had joined a clinic. I had never seen him so happy! All he could talk about were his patients, his cases, the clinic – who gets that excited about work? He invited me to shadow him while I was there, and I agreed.
When I entered his clinic I had this nostalgic feeling. It reminded me of the time in my youth when I helped out at my father’s ophthalmology clinic. I was infatuated with my father’s ability to calm and care for even the most troublesome…

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